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Chl 224e82f9fa Default choice for body format (auto/txt/html) in module's setup 10 months ago
Chl faa9dcaa6c Allow sending emails even when the invoice is a draft 10 months ago
Chl 1e694ef51d [DB upgrade] Adding a field to select the mail's body format 10 months ago
Chl 55ae226239 Show attached files in agenda event 1 year ago
Chl b5bc4bca93 v. 0.3.0 : customization form for each recurring invoice 2 years ago
Chl 3f14164994 Allow some mail customization for each template via note_private 2 years ago
Chl d6047334de Reload not needed anymore 2 years ago
Benjamin Freeman 8f3c0495fc Fix missing thirdparty info 2 years ago
Chl 4a56e8b1c0 Renaming from sendfacrecmail to sendrecurringinvoicebymail 3 years ago
Chl dbb7acfb8f Hooks intégrés dans develop (pour la v10 ?) 4 years ago
Chl f7a693d7dc Refonte pour trigger sur agenda 4 years ago
Chl 59bc09e99f Version fonctionnelle 4 years ago
Chl 2efa632487 version de test 4 years ago
Chl 2b07d8f132 Première passe de config. et nettoyage 4 years ago
Chl ae6b0cd544 Commit initial 4 years ago