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## Features
(en) This module send the invoice generated with recurring invoices by email to the client.
(en) This module sends by email the invoice generated with recurring invoices via scheduled jobs.
(fr) Ce module envoie par mail les factures générées automatiquement par les travaux planifiés et les factures modèles.
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### From the ZIP file and GUI interface
- If you get the module in a zip file (like when downloading it from the market place [Dolistore](, go into
menu ```Home - Setup - Modules - Deploy external module``` and upload the zip file.
Go to `Home` > `Setup` > `Modules/Applications` and finally the `Deploy/install external app/module` tab
and upload the file (you can get it from the
[original forge](
or [Github](
Next, on the `Modules/Applications` page, activate the newly available sendrecurringinvoicebymail module,
and probably the Scheduled jobs (alias cron or modCron) integrated module too.
Note: If this screen tell you there is no custom directory, check your setup is correct:
#### Troubleshooting
Note: If the module screen tells you there is no custom directory, check that your setup is correct:
- In your Dolibarr installation directory, edit the ```htdocs/conf/conf.php``` file and check that following lines are not commented:
@ -68,9 +75,7 @@ cd ....../custom
git clone sendrecurringinvoicebymail
### Final steps
From your browser:
Then, from your browser:
- Log into Dolibarr as a super-administrator
- Go to "Setup" -> "Modules"
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See file COPYING for more information.
#### Documentation
### Documentation
All texts and readmes.